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Reconditioning Of Hybrid Battery: An Economical Approach

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

For all the hybrid car owners, the topmost concern is the maintenance of their car and to save the fuel. The battery is the most important part of any vehicle and a hybrid car is no exception. It is as important as the transmission of power. So, one must keep the Hybrid Battery in good condition to sustain it for a long time.

Facts about Hybrid Battery Life

Usually, the hybrid batteries are designed to last for the entire lifetime of a vehicle, i.e., 100, 000 miles. When you buy a hybrid car you will get ten years of warranty. Any defect that occurs in the warranty period is always taken care of by the company and it includes replacement as well. In case, it takes place outside of the warranty period then you will need to bear the whole expense of replacement.

Usually, the replacement of the Prius hybrid battery takes a significant amount of money and for any Prius car owner, it will be an affordable option to go for the reconditioned battery instead.

What is battery reconditioning and how does it take place?

The hybrid battery pack is composed of several modules. Usually, the defect occurs in a single cell of the module, not all the parts. Often it happens that one or two of the defective cells create the whole problem and prevent the battery from functioning properly.

As a hybrid car owner when you opt for reconditioning, the defective cells will be replaced with similar modules that have been developed from recycled batteries. So reconditioning refers to the process of removing the faulty units with recycled parts.

This is an affordable alternative which increases the life of the battery apart from saving you from costly replacement. It can extend the Toyota hybrid cars battery life up to four to five years and considering this, reconditioning is an ideal option for hybrid car owners.

Tips To Find a Quality Hybrid Battery Provider

When you think about the reconditioning option, you should look for an established and licensed professional who has been around for a long time. Experience goes a long way when it comes to the replacement of the hybrid battery. You should check their technological equipment, their factory and the amount of professionalism they work with.

One way to check the credibility of a hybrid battery service provider is its reputation in the industry. Look for various customer reviews to know that they stay true to their service. Check if the company is specialized in the Toyota brand of hybrid cars.

It is always noticeable that a good company always gives a competitive price rate to its customers. During the initial consultation, you should clear a few doubts.

  • The number of years they have spent in this field of hybrid car battery repairing and replacement
  • How much time does it take to recondition the battery?
  • Do they produce a refurbished battery or not?
  • Do they provide eco-friendly refurbished materials?

You can go for a refurbished battery option as well. However, the condition of your hybrid battery will further determine whether you should go for replacement or rebuilding. Only quality and honest hybrid battery provider will save you from confusion and will guide you in the right manner.

Concluding Remarks

Reconditioning refers to the process of a method that combines grid charging, discharging, balancing, and cycling.  This process is conducted to separate the bad cells from the active cells to replace them and then bring back the battery to a working condition. If your driving average is less than 6000 miles annually and your battery is not more than 7 years old, reconditioning is a great option.


Rebuilding is a replacement process that is done partially or completely and it involves the repairing of bad cells from the entire battery pack. Often the signs and symptoms of reconditioning and refurbishing are same and hence you need to take the help of a hybrid battery expert to avoid any mistake.

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Get Hybrid Battery Replacement and Enjoy its Continued Use for Long Time

Hybrid Battery Replacement

Our fragile ecosystem and environment in grave danger have compelled us to adopt “go green” as our motto. Pollution levels are reaching alarming levels, and fuel resources are fast depleting, making us sit and take some serious steps to control the situation. It is for these reason fuel users and car manufacturers are looking for alternate fuel sources.

A Paradigm Shift in Fuel Sources

The time has come to look for a proper solution to the diverse environmental issues, and hybrid and electrical vehicles seem to be the right choice as it is environment-friendly. Moreover, such cars are cheaper than standard cars. Since electric and hybrid vehicles run on alternative power sources that are generated by a combo of battery-operated electric motor and gasoline engine, these are less harmful to the delicate environment. It is significant to note here that dual purposes are served by gasoline. It not only works by propelling the car but also keeps the batteries charged. The batteries get charged even when brakes are applied. In the case of electric cars, they need to be plugged in to charge.

Reconditioned Hybrid Car Batteries

The most commonly used and preferred hybrid batteries are Nickel-Metal hydride also referred to as Ni-MH batteries. These batteries are individual cells that come cohesively packed together. The regular battery sizes available are C and D. C, or F is also possible to an extent. A pack of 20 cells with 1.2 Volts each cell gives a 24-Volt powered battery. Available at a very reasonable price, these batteries offer higher energy density as compared with lead-acid batteries. The only downside is that it has a higher self-discharge rate if not used for some time, getting depleted of charge. As a result, the battery life gets hampered by quick, repeated bursts of power. Instead of replacing car batteries, it is better to go for reconditioned hybrid car batteries. Such batteries get extended life and work for a longer time. Moreover, battery reconditioning is far cheaper than battery replacement.

With lowering of repairing cost of hybrid batteries, repairing of batteries has also come into vogue. It turns out to be a cost-effective solution and more reliable than total replacement option. When the car doesn’t start after leaving it unused for some days, you need to put it on a trickle charger immediately. It will take a few days to complete the charge. Since hybrid cars work at a very high voltage, it is better to avoid repairing the battery on your own. Instead, rely on an experienced mechanic who is a certified technician for the job. This battery reconditioning will improve battery performance by 95 percent. While reconditioning is going on, the technician will remove the NiMH battery from the car and check the battery condition. The data thus accumulated will be analyzed and diagnosis. The results of the analysis will help to decide to expose the battery to a controlled session of charging and discharging that will result in increasing the power of the battery.

Factors that Impact Hybrid Battery Life

Usually, hybrid battery life is as long as the car, but in some particular circumstances, it may require a change or repair work. Before deciding to replace the battery, try getting it repaired. Following are some of the factors that may affect the performance of hybrid batteries.

  • The Number of Discharge Cycles and Charge
  • Battery Chemistry
  • Extreme Temperatures

If the car engine continuously runs without switching to the electric motor, it results in a drastic drop in fuel economy. It is a clear indication of battery demanding repair work of hybrid battery replacement.

When to go for Hybrid Battery Replacement?

You need to be sure about going forward with a hybrid battery replacement and the following problems will help you take a well-informed decision.

  • Reverse charging
  • Severe Overcharging
  • Shorting for a long time

In case, the fault lies in an individual cell; it will require being replaced with a new one. A new battery requiring replacement due to malfunctioning will not reduce the lifecycle of the whole pack or its capacity, but in case of an old battery, it may hold. It is always better to replace all cells in an old pack and never mixing new and old cells.

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Top 4 Benefits of Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

Do you want to give your hybrid car a new life? Then reconditioning your hybrid battery will provide you with this. Let us first discuss what are hybrid cars and batteries and where its importance for your better understanding lies. Hybrid cars are just like an electric vehicle that uses more than 2 distinct types of power to drive the engine. That means, in hybrid car petrol and a diesel engine which is combined with an electric motor runs with the hybrid battery to give more power to your engine. These are very clean and also have better mileage and are thus very eco – friendly. You can use hybrid batteries only in a hybrid vehicle because other types of vehicles are using conventional batteries.

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