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From Hybrid to Plug-in Hybrid Cars? Which One to Buy?

plug-in Toyota Prius battery

Buying a new car always requires some research from the customer side. On average a customer spends almost 3 to 4 months researching the brand, design, technology, cost, history of the vehicle, performance, safety, engine, transmission, customer support, etc. The automobile market nowadays offers different varieties of cars one could possibly imagine. People try to do lots of comparisons between different models in order to get the best deal. But most of them end up being in chaos. In the end, it’s the customer’s decision to buy the car he or she is looking for. The best way to let a customer choose the best is to give him the bird’s eye view of every framework or matrix currently existing in the automobile industry.

Types of Vehicles based upon Resource and it’s Management


Is it fossil fuel, electricity or hydrogen? What kind of energy resources are you looking for? Us humans have been using fossil fuel-based vehicles for ages. And we all know what we have done to our mother nature, the greenhouse gases emitted by these vehicles are the major cause of the greenhouse effect, which has become a global crisis today. This was the main reason that made the automobile industry to come up with new possible energy-efficient solution. The outcome was what we have today, an HEV(hybrid electric vehicle) and PHEV(plug-in hybrid electric vehicle). The Toyota Prius is a full hybrid electric automobile developed by Toyota and manufactured by the company since 1997. Prius Battery can be charged either through the engine or direct plug-in( in case of PHEV).

Facts about HEV:

  • Internal combustion engine(ICE) + Electric propulsion system(EPS)
  • ICE can drive motors and charge the battery.
  • Battery is also charged from regenerative energy produced after the application of brakes.
  • 90% less pollutants.
  • Usually, the government provides tax incentives to promote HEVs.
  • Low maintenance.
  • The batteries for HEV vehicles have an average lifespan of 80,000 to 100,000 miles. For example, the Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery lasts up to  100,000 miles to 150,000 miles.

Facts About PHV:

  • HEV(ICE+EPS) + battery can be charged through an external outlet.
  • It has inherited all the features and benefits of HEV.
  • For most people, electricity is cheap as compared to gasoline hence it is cost-efficient as one can solely depend on external electricity to drive it.
  • The Prius Plug-in Hybrid uses the Hybrid Synergy Drive of the standard Prius model, with enhanced capabilities that incorporate a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery that significantly expands the all-electric range as compared to the regular Toyota’s Prius Battery, and fully rechargeable from a domestic source.


People are more attracting towards PHEV’s as compared to HEV’s.As it’s seen that PHEV’s are updated and more reliable version of HEV’s. PHEV’s are more eco-friendly than it as they can fully depend on electricity.

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Reconditioning Of Hybrid Battery: An Economical Approach

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

For all the hybrid car owners, the topmost concern is the maintenance of their car and to save the fuel. The battery is the most important part of any vehicle and a hybrid car is no exception. It is as important as the transmission of power. So, one must keep the Hybrid Battery in good condition to sustain it for a long time.

Facts about Hybrid Battery Life

Usually, the hybrid batteries are designed to last for the entire lifetime of a vehicle, i.e., 100, 000 miles. When you buy a hybrid car you will get ten years of warranty. Any defect that occurs in the warranty period is always taken care of by the company and it includes replacement as well. In case, it takes place outside of the warranty period then you will need to bear the whole expense of replacement.

Usually, the replacement of the Prius hybrid battery takes a significant amount of money and for any Prius car owner, it will be an affordable option to go for the reconditioned battery instead.

What is battery reconditioning and how does it take place?

The hybrid battery pack is composed of several modules. Usually, the defect occurs in a single cell of the module, not all the parts. Often it happens that one or two of the defective cells create the whole problem and prevent the battery from functioning properly.

As a hybrid car owner when you opt for reconditioning, the defective cells will be replaced with similar modules that have been developed from recycled batteries. So reconditioning refers to the process of removing the faulty units with recycled parts.

This is an affordable alternative which increases the life of the battery apart from saving you from costly replacement. It can extend the Toyota hybrid cars battery life up to four to five years and considering this, reconditioning is an ideal option for hybrid car owners.

Tips To Find a Quality Hybrid Battery Provider

When you think about the reconditioning option, you should look for an established and licensed professional who has been around for a long time. Experience goes a long way when it comes to the replacement of the hybrid battery. You should check their technological equipment, their factory and the amount of professionalism they work with.

One way to check the credibility of a hybrid battery service provider is its reputation in the industry. Look for various customer reviews to know that they stay true to their service. Check if the company is specialized in the Toyota brand of hybrid cars.

It is always noticeable that a good company always gives a competitive price rate to its customers. During the initial consultation, you should clear a few doubts.

  • The number of years they have spent in this field of hybrid car battery repairing and replacement
  • How much time does it take to recondition the battery?
  • Do they produce a refurbished battery or not?
  • Do they provide eco-friendly refurbished materials?

You can go for a refurbished battery option as well. However, the condition of your hybrid battery will further determine whether you should go for replacement or rebuilding. Only quality and honest hybrid battery provider will save you from confusion and will guide you in the right manner.

Concluding Remarks

Reconditioning refers to the process of a method that combines grid charging, discharging, balancing, and cycling.  This process is conducted to separate the bad cells from the active cells to replace them and then bring back the battery to a working condition. If your driving average is less than 6000 miles annually and your battery is not more than 7 years old, reconditioning is a great option.


Rebuilding is a replacement process that is done partially or completely and it involves the repairing of bad cells from the entire battery pack. Often the signs and symptoms of reconditioning and refurbishing are same and hence you need to take the help of a hybrid battery expert to avoid any mistake.

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All You Need to Know about Hybrid Battery Conditioning

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery

Every machine requires maintenance to run smoothly, and hybrid vehicles are no exception. A hybrid owner is often found to be worried about the battery life because it deteriorates over time. Look out for professional Toyota Prius battery replacement services.

Eventually, the cars start to lose power and gas mileage. Replacing the batteries are very expensive, and you might be overburdened while bearing the cost of new batteries. However, replacing is not the ultimate solution that you can resort to as there is an alternative to it, which is known as battery conditioning.

What is Hybrid Battery Conditioning?

The hybrid vehicles use exclusive technology to charge the batteries installed in them. The technology is known as regenerative charging technology. This technology enables you to recharge your battery every time the brakes of your hybrid vehicles are used.

Hence, you can say, hybrid battery conditioning is similar to recharging a standard nickel battery. This technology has been in use for some time now, but the methodology that is used for its application is unique to the automobile industry. Dr. Mark Quarto and his team discovered this unique technology. They worked using the current technology and redesigned with new applications that are suitable for hybrid vehicles.

The cycling of the battery pack is known as battery conditioning. The process of this cycling involves taking the battery to a zero percent charge and then bringing it back to a hundred percent. The process keeps repeating; back again to zero percent, and it is again brought up to hundred percent. The health of the battery pack is safeguarded by following a rigorous protocol. Under this protocol, it is ensured the battery does not get overheated or get over discharged. Make use of high-quality Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery for the best results.

Signs that Indicate the Requirement for Conditioning:

Very high standards are set to manufacture these hybrid batteries. The rules are set so high because it also increases the lifetime of the batteries. However, over time, as everything deteriorates, hybrid batteries are no different to this universal rule. The batteries lose energy, and eventually, their performance and efficiency are reduced.

Let us try to understand some of the significant signs that indicate the need for battery conditioning of the hybrid vehicles.

  1. The torque declines, and the energy is reduced.
  2. There is a loss in battery life and power.
  3. Slow or reduced performance of the vehicle
  4. Significant reduction in the gas mileage of the car.
  5. Overdependence on the gasoline engine

You need to understand the importance of hybrid car battery conditioning. However, most people do not realize the fact, and they go for a battery replacement that burns a hole in the pocket. Apart from being expensive, it is also not an appropriate measure to take. However, instead of getting the battery replaced, you can go for battery servicing and conditioning.

Some of the advantages of battering conditioning are as follows:

  1. Firstly, you will be saving a lot of money if you go for battery conditioning for your hybrid vehicle. Although the battery conditioning prices are also rising, it is far less than the cost of battery replacement. Some people might even think of using a second-hand hybrid battery if they cannot afford the new ones.
  2. The battery life is extended if battery conditioning is done.
  3. The hybrid vehicles are environment-friendly, so they don’t have any negative impact on the environment.

Battery conditioning should be done by the experts who can give the best solutions and services to you. Look out for reliable Toyota Prius battery replacement services.

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Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Battery Replacement

Hybrid Battery

No doubt hybrid vehicles are a great option in today’s polluted environment and they come with impressive features. However often it is talked about the issues related to the battery life of the hybrid vehicles. They are also considered as less powerful than the conventional batteries. Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Hybrid Battery Replacement

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Recondition or Rebuild Hybrid Batteries – How to Choose the Right Option

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning

If you are a hybrid vehicle owner, there are lots of things you should ensure to extend the life of your hybrid battery. Battery life is the most important aspects of owning a hybrid vehicle. That is why, in this article, I will discuss the most critical factors related to the hybrid batteries and which you might have searched for a long time. All the information are based on my observations and experiences and thus can vary at times, but the center point will be the same in most of the cases.

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Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost

Toyota is a famous worldwide company. Its motor corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer based in Toyota. It’s the world’s market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles and encourages other companies to use hybrid vehicles all over the globe.

Toyota Prius hybrid battery is used for out-of-warranty cars to give them new life.  The cost of Toyota Prius hybrid battery replacement depends on the model you have. Although it’s said that the Prius hybrid battery replacement is a rare occurrence because of the quality pieces of equipment Toyota use. Toyota offers an 8 year/100,000-mile warranty in most states. It’s inexpensive to maintain the car with Toyota Prius hybrid battery with more fuel-efficiency.

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