2010 up Lexus RX450H Refurbished 30 Module Brick


2010 up Lexus RX450H Refurbished 30 Module Brick


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About our 2010 up Lexus RX450H Refurbished 30 Module Brick

2nd Life Battery is a renowned company which offers an implausible, green refurbished Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery Brick. Each battery includes a 40 module set, with chrome steel rods and cease caps. Besides, our agency gives warranties to our customers to pick from.

Prius Hybrid Batteries are energy capability examined and energy shipping examined to promise the best pleasant. Besides, we provide an energy ability chart with every Prius Hybrid Battery Brick we endorse.

Energy Capacity Test Data Chart Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery
Energy Capacity Test Data Chart Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery

Core Charges and Shipping

We have a $400.00 refundable amount on every battery bought. Therefore, devoid of any reservation go back the core battery and copper bus-bars inside the furnished recycled transport field to get hold of the refund.

With all this in mind, be watchful not to lose or break the core. To succeed in a refund, it needs to be a reusable core with as at least 50% of the 28 modules recyclable. Once our crew assesses the cores, the deposit will be refunded via cheque straight away.

Shipping prices cover the prices for delivery in each instruction

Re-cycled Bus-Bars
Re-cycled Bus-Bars

Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery is packed with recycled bus-bars in a packing crate. Apart from it being non-hazardous for the environment, it makes for clean core battery. One will get the refund real quickly.

Installation and Safety Information

An expert is needed to install Prius Hybrid Battery and it cannot be done on your own. In case you do now not recognize a skilled Hybrid Repair shop in your location, we can aid you with our substantial experience, we will let you discover a trained installer. We have an array of one hundred twenty shops nationwide and growing.

About Honda Hybrid Battery

Additional information

Battery / Warranty

Refurbished Battery 3 yr Warranty, Refurbished Battery 1 yr Warranty


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