2012 up Toyota Camry Refurbished 34 Module Brick


2012 up Toyota Camry Refurbished 34 Module Brick  

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About our 2012 up Toyota Camry Refurbished 34 Module Brick

At 2nd Life Battery, we offer a high-quality, eco-friendly refurbished Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery Brick. Each battery consists of a 40 module set, with stainless-steel rods and end caps.  In addition, our company offers two warranties for our customers to choose from. Our Prius Hybrid Batteries are energy capacity tested and power delivery tested to assure the best quality. Furthermore, we provide you with an energy capacity chart with each Prius Hybrid Battery Brick we sell. See below for an example.

Energy Capacity Test Data Chart Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery
Energy Capacity Test Data Chart Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery

Core Charges and Shipping

We have a $250.00 refundable core charge on every battery sold. Therefore,  simply return the core battery and copper bus-bars in the supplied recycled shipping container to receive your refund. With this in mind, Please be careful not to lose or destroy the core. To qualify for your refund, it needs to be a reusable core with at least 50% of the 28 modules recyclable. Once our team checks the cores,  your deposit will be refunded by check  immediately. Shipping charges cover the costs for shipping in both directions.

Re-cycled Bus-Bars
Re-cycled Bus-Bars
We pack each Lexus GS450H Hybrid Battery with recycled bus-bars in a recycled packing crate. In addition to being very environmentally friendly, it makes for easy return of your core battery. You’ll be able to get your core deposit back quickly.

Installation and Safety Information

A qualified hybrid automotive repair shop will need to install your Prius Hybrid Battery. While you may think you can do it yourself, installing it yourself is not an option.  BATTERIES ARE HIGH VOLTAGE AND IF NOT HANDLED PROPERLY, THEY WILL KILL YOU! At 2nd Life Battery, we value your safety. So, if you do not know of a Qualified Hybrid Repair shop in your area, just ask!  As a result of our extensive experience in this area, we can help you find a qualified installer. We have a list of 120 shops nationwide and growing.

Additional information

Battery / Warranty

Refurbished Battery 3 yr Warranty, Refurbished Battery 1 yr Warranty


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